Oct 2008


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S.P.O.T. ( Square Piece of Time) in a few words

Abandoning the traditional representation of time, giving to feel the uniqueness of each moment, mesmerising in a hypnotic flow of seconds, minutes, hours … S.P.O.T.’s puzzeling and yet so familiar rhythm reveals the share of mystery and unknown that each fraction of life contains. Time and space flow : seconds, minutes, hours. An improvised dance, an experience of sound and light : Time has no shores, it flows … and we live !

S.P.O.T. in longer words

SPOT is a sound and light installation exploring the opposing concepts of randomness and determinism. Sort of puzzle constantly in motion, it leads the audience to question, search, and perhaps find a hidden meaning. Arrangement of square-shaped lights in random motion, S.P.O.T. accurately represents time flowing. In other words : S.P.O.T. is a clock.

The singularity of each moment is highlighted, always perfectly distinct from the previous. Just like our lives, every second is unique and unpredictable, still time always seems consistent. In this context, we abandon the traditional model of representing time. We invent a new system, revealing more of its complexity. Time flows through 60 light colored squares in an improvised dance : small, medium and large squares fit together to represent seconds, minutes and hours. This subtle tune of light is accompanied by a soundtrack generated randomly, synchronized to the lighting, alternating calm and peaceful phases with chaotic moments.

A new language is introduced, and the attentive viewer can understand this mysterious code.

S.P.O.T. the experience

The viewer is confronted with a series of squares that come alive, light up, come off, move, accompanied by sounds familiar and abstract, linked together, overlapping, calm or chaotic… Witness of a constant renewal, he observes, questions, and feels an internal logic, a familiar rhythm. The installation mesmerises, by its movement, its brightness, by the dim atmosphere that it broadcasts. Plunged into a colorful ocean, his eyesight, his hearing and his spirit lulled by the hypnotic rhythm of light and sound : the viewer reaches a state similar to meditation. All of his senses at work, he feels the consistency of the installation and experiences time elapsing, life randomly flowing.

In real life our perception of time flow is constantly changing, according to our activities, according to our moods, our willingness or our coolness, according to our psychological state, our phases of wakefulness and sleep, and all the factors that shape our daily lives… Sometimes time seems linear and stable, while at other times everything is chaotic. Thus, the installation SPOT also lives at a random pace : sometimes quiet and serene periods, and sometimes upheavals of color and movement. While maintaining a perfectly accurate representation of the time, S.P.O.T. reflects the successive phases of acceleration and serenity that make our days and our lives. S.P.O.T. allows endless possibilities for displaying the flow oftime, from the simplest sequences to the most complex.

S.P.O.T. in colors

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